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This is SO much more than a business. This is art. This is life. This is real, raw, messy, and beautiful.

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Hi, I am Lauran! Lauran Baker Gosney, to be exact. Photographer just happens to be one of the hats I wear. If you know me, you know I LOVE a good hat. 

I like to spend my free time outdoors with my husband and our dogs, road biking, running, antiquing, decorating our home, and writing. I want to publish a book one day -- maybe putting it into the universe will help to hold me accountable?! 

the gal with all the cameras

about lauran

I am a military wife.

Due to this lifestyle, we move every few years. Hello resiliency skills!

Military life makes running a business a little difficult at times, but I enjoy the challenge.

I have the opportunity to take photos all over the world, and greatly welcome any chance that I have to travel for a wedding! I have been able to document life up and down the East Coast, and now I get to do it on the West Coast.

What does this mean for you? I see life through a different lens. Time moves fast and every moment with our loved ones is priceless. This radiates through my imagery.

PS - ask about military discounts! xo 

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tyler + shelby

“We would highly highly recommend hiring her - you won’t regret it!"



Rhett + Lydia

“From the moment we met Lauran we knew she was the perfect photographer for our wedding.”



John + Julia



“Stop what you're doing right now and book Lauran! The images she creates are out of this world!”


My small town roots run deep. My love for documenting life comes from a special connection to family and to my beloved hometown, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I am happiest on our family farm in the country. What they say is true, Virginia really is for lovers. 

with my family

on the farm

When I am not behind the camera, you'll find me


Meet Goose + Eddy. The loves of my life! Dogs are the best! Bonus points if you include your pups in your session or wedding!

Both Goose and Eddy are Pudelpointers, a breed of German hunting dog.

snuggling the pups

When I am not behind the camera, you'll find me

Travel is such an important part of my life. Whether visiting my family + friends, or exploring places that I have never been, I love a good adventure.

These adventures normally include lots of yummy food. Major foodies over here!

and eating


When I am not behind the camera, you'll find me


here we are! Cheers to an amazing upcoming season of weddings, family sessions, and sharing in life together! 

2023 / 

the gosneys move to Spokane, washington! Hello west coast!

2021 / 

lauran photographs her first wedding and falls in love with her career all over again. 

2019 / 

lauran gets married and launches her professional photography business - a complete 180 from her college degree.

2018 / 

Lauran and her husband, duke, meet in 2013! swoon! in the years that follow, lauran and duke tackle college, long distance, and planning their future.

2013 / 


Through the

What are my most treasured items? Easy...photographs of my loved ones. Imagery is the greatest gift, whether giving or receiving. A moment, face, place, even an emotion...frozen in time. 

We all know that the days are long and the years are short. The older I get, the more that is true. Whether committing your life to one another, or in the throes of raising a family. Time is passing, and things are changing. Photography allows us to honor our seasons, even once we are no longer on this earth. 


What I Do


I want to document the moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. From the mundane moments to the elaborate, big aspects of your story -- I will be there, camera in hand!

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